Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 9 Countdown – Day 2 Cleetus


Name and Species  Cleetus the Seal with a Reel

Simple, deluded, talkative.

Mini Bio

If you’re looking for a Seal with a Reel don’t bother heading to Potion Ocean, or even Croak Creek, because these crazy Moshlings are afraid of water. So what’s with the reel? Well, Seals with Reels just love hooking rusty hubcaps onto their fishing lines and pretending they are flying saucers. Woooo!

Habitat: You will usually find a few Seals with Reels barking on the rocks of the dried-up riverbed running through Whoop ‘n’ Holler Valley.

Chewing fishpaste and conspiracy theories.

Navy Seals and fancy pants.

Rank: 161
            Rarity: Common

Elizabeth’s thoughts on Cleetus – ” He is a bit odd
, She loves the fishing line although weird that he doesn’t like water, how does he wash? She likes the hat with the feather in it.”