Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 9 Countdown – Day 15 Mumbo


Name and Species  Mumbo the Punky Monkey

Anarchic, boisterous, nuts.

Mini Bio

Never mind the beeswax, Punky Monkeys use custard to keep their crazy hairdos upright. But that’s no surprise because these unruly Moshlings will do almost anything to stand out from the crowd, from scribbling naughty words on walls and swinging through the trees yelling tuneless protest songs to burping up banana skins.

Habitat: You might see a Punky Monkey pogo-ing along Main Street, but these rebellious rockers originally come from Nyaargh Nyaargh Nook.

Safety pins and churned butter.

Hippies and the system.

Rank: 156
            Rarity: Uncommon

Elizabeth thinks Mumbo the Punky Monkey is awesome, She loves his hair and
wants a pink mohawk when her hair is long enough!