Mind the Gap

As a frequent traveler on the underground I always wondered why I had to listen to so many announcements telling people to mind the gap. I always looked at the small gap between the tube and the platform and wondered what exactly it could be that could get stuck there. I have had the odd occasion when my suitcase has been slightly lodged in it as the wheels missed the edge of the platform but nothing a sharp tug didn’t solve.
Well it seems that the gap is just the right size for a child’s leg when they are not watching where they are going.

This was what happened to us last week on the underground after attending an event. As we walked on to the tube Elizabeth became distracted and turned to talk to Alison as she stepped on to the tube. However she didn’t manage to step on the tube as her leg disappeared down the gap. Thankfully I was right behind her so managed to catch her but not before she scared the living daylights out of me. It seems that traveling on the underground a lot can make you complacent and you really should Mind the Gap!
By Laura Seaton