Meal Planning Monday 9th September 2013

So the £50 budget went well last week, we had to pick up a birthday cake for Alison from the local market £4, grabbed some vegetables that we needed from the fruit and vegetable stall for less than £3.

We used what we had in and everything was going well until the cat’s got fleas. It is that time of year and unfortunately they seemed to like our cats and our house. We had to buy flea treatments for them and our house. We decided to get them wormed again at the same time and all in all it wiped out £23 from our budget.

We then had to get on the road earlier than we though on Friday so we did end up stopping at McDonalds rather than cooking and eating our planned meal. We blew the budget on our Friday night dinner but we only went a few pounds over and it was a difficult week.

The week promises to be better as we used some vouchers I received from Asda customer services because of a problem a few weeks ago. We looked at all of the meals we had worked out for the next three weeks and any non perishable products were added onto the list. We managed to get £43.50 worth of shopping for £23.50 and hopefully means we won’t be spending any more this week.

This week we will be eating

Tuesday – Home made mini pizzas – We are hosting a party
Wednesday – Tuna hash
Thursday – Beef casserole
Friday – Night off (Friend’s wedding)
Saturday – Keema curry with rice
Sunday – Roast Chicken dinner
Monday – Sausage Casserole

We don’t have any bread in the house this week so I am moving onto weetabix for breakfast and having Mug shots, soups and egg based lunches instead.