Meal Planning Monday 2nd September 2013

With hubby now a SAHD and the kids due back at school it is time to start thing frugally and healthily.

The summer holidays have increased my weight 8lbs! Ok so it could have been worse but I need it shifted and more.

We also need to save money and my new weekly feature Saving Sundays will see us trying to live of a weekly budget of £50.

With this is in mind I helped Hubby to write a list of meals earlier today that we can create from our freezers and cupboards with the need of only a few additional ingredients.

I was shocked to discover that we can easily create 28 evening meals, that is enough for four weeks. We will need potatoes, fresh vegetables and a few other ingredients but we should be able to make our budgets stretch a really long way.

We are out this weekend at a festival so I know we will need money for then so we want to make meals that would require us not to buy very much. With this in mind we selected some easy meals using what we have in the house.

We will be planning Tuesday to Monday so that we can go shopping on Tuesdays when the kids are at school for any ingredients we need for the week.

Tuesday – Tuna Pasta Bake – Passata, Tuna, onion, pepper and pasta with grated cheese.
Wednesday – Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice – Chicken breasts, jar of sauce, tinned pineapple, onion, pepper and rice.
Thursday – Spicy fish stew – frozen fish fillets, passata, spices, celery, onion, carrots with cous cous. The children will be eating chicken kiev, chips and tinned spaghetti hoops.
Friday – Beef Casserole – Casserole steaks and bag of frozen casserole vegetables, stock and herbs
Saturday – Festival
Sunday – Festival
Monday – Turkey Keema and potato curry with rice – turkey mince, onion, celery, spices, tinned potatoes, stock and rice.

Lunches will also be easy with what we have in the house.

Tuesday – Birds eye chicken steak and salad in a wrap
Wednesday – Beans on toast
Thursday – Mug Shot
Friday – Scrambled egg on marmite toast
Saturday – Festival
Sunday – Festival
Monday – Spaghetti on toast

We will be taking part in Meal Planning Monday with Mrs M.