Meal Plan Monday – 6th January

So the kids are back at school, the diet has started in earnest and its time to get our weekly budget back into action. This can only mean one thing! Its time to meal plan.With breakfasts being whatever I fancy from cereal, toast or fruit I decided to concentrate on my lunch and dinner situation. Its a bit of a special week as gaming daddy of two has a birthday on Thursday so we are going out for a meal on Friday night and we have a children’s party on Sunday day time but there is always something in the way so I am going to try and work round these things.

Lunch – Soup
Dinner – Pulled Pork Pitta with homemade coleslaw

Lunch – Jacket potato and beans and salad
Dinner – Maggi Chicken and rice

Lunch – Soup
Dinner – Pasta bake

Lunch – Mug Shot
Dinner – steak, chips and mushrooms

Lunch – Soup
Dinner – Restaurant Curry (trying to choose a healthy option with no naan bread, wish me luck)

Lunch – Big Breakfast Brunch
Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese

Lunch – Childrens party food (take syn free snacks for me)
Dinner – Slow cooker Beef Stew

So there you have it as long as I stick to this and dont eat too many naughty snacks I should be well on my way to a good weight loss. I will have to be careful at the restaurant but I know they dont cook in fat and as long as I go for a tomato based curry and rice I should be ok. The childrens party is a lot harder to resist but as I will be doing the face painting then I can keep myself away from the food and just nibble on the snacks I take with me.

What are you eating this week?