Tips and Tricks for Maximising Space in Your Small Kitchen

A small kitchen can often feel like a hindrance, however, there’s no need to let your lack of space take away from the culinary delights that you come up with at home. Whether you’re living in a small apartment, tiny house, or sharing your home with others, constantly running out of space to move or store anything in your kitchen is never a pleasant experience. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice either style or function – here are our top tips for furnishing your kitchen for maximum space saving and productivity.

Tip #1. Small, Fierce Appliances:
Whilst kitchen appliances were once ‘the bigger, the better’, there’s no need to splash out on the largest piece of kitchen tech to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money. In fact, some of today’s best kitchen appliances are small and easily hidden in a smaller kitchen, such as this black mini fridge from VonShef that will easily slot underneath your kitchen cabinets out of the way. The mini fridge from VonShef is an ideal replacement for a larger fridge, as it includes all the essential features of a normal sized fridge, like an ice making machine, but it is compacted to be a more convenient size for a small kitchen. Other appliance ideas include portable induction hobs (like this one from Domu) instead of a full-size cooker, or a table-top dishwasher that you can slot into place on your sideboard.

Tip #2. Downsize Your Sink:
In kitchens, the sink takes up more space than you may realise. If you’re hoping to save space in a small kitchen, then choosing the right sink such as a single-bowl sink rather than a double-bowl is certainly a good idea. If you really want to go ahead and save as many extra inches of space as possible, an undermount sink can be a good choice – since the edges of the sink will be concealed, you’ll have a larger workstation next to it.

Tip #3. Use Wall Storage:
Don’t forget that you can use the walls in your kitchen to store all kinds of utensils and other items, keeping them off the sides and out of the kitchen cupboards to create more space for you to work with when cooking and preparing food. If you have some blank wall space in your kitchen, then don’t just use it for hanging artwork or a calendar – instead, make the most of it by installing wall storage racks that can be used to store towels, cutlery, utensils, pans, spices, and much more.

Tip #4. Keep it Minimal:
Although it may seem like a small factor, tiny kitchens tend to look even smaller when they are decorated with bulky handles and knobs. When installing kitchen cupboards and cabinets, keep decorative features down to a minimum to create the illusion of more space and avoid your kitchen looking cluttered. Don’t stop there, though – there are many ways in which you can update your kitchen by embracing minimalism and saving space in the meantime. For example, keep only your best kitchen accessories and utensils and be ruthless about getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

Do you have any further top tips to share on getting the most space from a small kitchen? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you in the comments!