Mark Warner Blogger Challenge 1 – Family Holidays fit for a little prince

With only one week left to enter (closes 6pm on Monday 7th April) I thought I would remind you all about the first Mark Warner Blogger challenge. Don’t forget if you enter all four challenges you will go into a prize draw to win a family holiday.

The first challenge is to win one of two £200
vouchers for Kiddicare.


Tell us about your experiences of travelling with your little ones for the first time or any precious family holiday memories. Plus your top tips to pass on, packing essentials, how not to do it and of course cute holiday snaps are encouraged.

With us heading off soon on the first of many small breaks
for 2014 I really need to start thinking of what to pack. Luckily our first break is a UK one so we have a whole boot to fill but by the time it has the wheelchair and my wine supply there is not much space.

As we are only off for four nights the girls should be able to fit their clothes into their trunki’s and we always keep our swimming bag ready to go. The girls will be allowed one back pack each to fill with books, games and other things to keep them occupied

We are off to Potters Holiday resort which is a full board resort near Great Yarmouth so we don’t need to worry about food but I will be packing some drinks to take with us to cut down on ow much we spend whilst there. The biggest expenditure at places like this are the drinks as they soon add up over the course of a few days.

I also have to remember to pack my laptop so I can get my internet fix and some dvds to keep the kids occupied on the journey.

What else do you think I need?

apologies i quoted the wrong closing date, please refer to Mark Warner t&C’s available on the link above