Mario & Sonic Blogger Challenges: Week One

Can we as a family beat the winning times and scores from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, using Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014?  Well the hubby seemed up for the challenge, even if the girls didn’t because all they wanted to do was play Wii Party U.


Ski Jump Large Hill

Gold was won at the 2010 Vancover Winter Olympics by Simon Ammann of Switzerland, who scored 283.3.  We’re still trying to figure out which type of character is best for this event.  Should we choose power, an all-rounder, speed or a skill based character.  Hubby opted for Mario, who is an all-rounder, but after many attempts he was unable to get close.


Speed Skating Men’s 1000 metres

Shani Davies of the USA won gold in this event with a time of 1:08:94.  Hubby was really annoyed at one point because all the other competitors kept knocking him out of the lead (also I think he was upset that he came last).  To be fair it did look difficult to control.

So the Mario & Sonic Blogger Challenge is proving more difficult than we initially anticipated, either that or hubby is not very good!  Wish us luck with next weeks challenges!