Making resolutions and setting goals

 Every year I sit and think about what I want for the year ahead and every year lose weight comes near the top. I am now over two stone lighter than I was at the start of the year but I have a long way to go so once again that tops my resolutions but at least this year I feel that it is manageable, I mean I have already got part of the way there.

At the beginning of 2015 I wrote down my goals for the year. They were 4 simple goals and although I half succeeded at most of them I could certainly put in some more effort. For 2016 I want to set myself goals that are a bit more targeted in the hope of finally succeeding in that struggle of a work life balance, you would think working for yourself would make that easier!

My 6 goals for 2016 are

Being more organised– if I could keep my desk, notebook and house as organised as my inbox I would be in heaven
Scheduling my time efficiently – I need to ensure I dont work too many hours, this is not good for any of us
Doing more videos– I love doing videos and enjoy making them so I want to persue this more
Keeping up to date with my accounts – As a former accountant you would expect me to be on top of this but sadly not
Losing another 3 stone– Two down, three to go and with a cruise on the horizon I really want to look my best.
Exercise more – I would love to cycle the school run when the weather gets nicer and have added a womens mountain bike to my birthday wish list.

I got an email earlier regarding some research that was done by Thomas Cook that says that these are the top 50 modern day resolutions. Which ones are on your list?

Top 50 modern resolutions
1.       Go on a diet/lose weight (Already doing this with the help of Slimming World)
2.       Go on a holiday or mini-breaks (We can’t wait for our 2016 adventures)
3.       Travel and see more of the world (We are looking forward to visiting Italy and Holland for the first time this year)
4.       Read more books
5.       Drink less alcohol
6.       Give up smoking
7.       Put time aside for a personal hobby or project
8.       Spend more time with family
9.       Cook from scratch more often
10.   Spend less time on social media (never going to happen)
11.   Watch less TV
12.   Calls to relatives more often
13.   Back up your computer more often
14.   Spend less time online
15.   Work less overtime
16.   Stop looking at a screen before bed
17.   Plant a herb garden
18.   Print out and frame more photos using my printer at home ( I must buy more ink cartridges)
19.   Leave the office on time in the evening
20.   Call more instead of text
21.   Cut down on screen usage
22.   So something pro-active for a cause, such as help the homeless, local farms, refugees etc
23.   Spend your time on holiday seeing the sites instead of just sitting around the pool
24.   Spend less time checking your phone
25.   Eat more avocadoes/quinoa/whatever healthy food is currently fashionable
26.   Take fewer selfies
27.   Keep up to date with politics
28.   Have at least one family activity a week not based on TV or screens
29.   Have fewer social media friends/have a Facebook cull
30.   Don’t get sucked into sales events such as Black Friday
31.   Shop online less
32.   Start reading from multiple sources
33.   Share less on social media
34.   Stop looking at your phone when eating
35.   Set reminders on your phone to stop forgetting things
36.   Write a blog
37.   Save more photos/docs in the ‘cloud’
38.   Spend less time playing ‘Angry Birds’ or ‘Candy Crush’ type games
39.   Update your blog more often
40.   Create a ‘smarter home’
41.   Actually do some of the things you have pinned on Pintrest
42.   Video call relatives
43.   Manage your social media profiles so they are ‘career friendly’
44.   Complete/update your LinkedIn profile
45.   Straighten or blow-dry your hair less
46.   Stop posting on social media after you have been drinking
47.   Keep up to date with your tech updates, such as iOS updates
48.   To know the latest diets
49.   To perfect a photo pose
50.   Stop using text speak or shortened words in conversation