Summer Entertaining Essentials: Making Your Garden a Stunning Space

A porch or patio can be an unused concrete extension or it can be a valuable part of the home. An outdoor garden can be a stunning place given the right creativity and action. The summer is a great time to invite guests, spend time with family, and catch unforgettable sunsets. The comfort and function of your area dictate whether you actually spend time on your patio or if it’s more of an eyesore.

Use Pavers Versus Pouring Concrete

A slab of concrete levels an otherwise uneven field of grass, making it possible to set furniture and use a grill, etc. Concrete slabs crack and can be unattractive to look at. Concrete pavers offer benefits to those who want an even ground that looks great and can be repaired cheaply. Rather than address an entire section of a slab, a chipped or broken paver is easily replaced.

Get Ready to Assemble

A patio serves as another place of entertainment with the right seating. Those who choose to purchase ready to assemble furniture can save money. However, such shoppers are limited in choice of color and material. Approach the patio as if it were a room in the home. See a range of furniture that can be used outdoors but looks good enough to place inside at

See What’s Permissible in Your City

Depending on legalities of your city, situate a fire pit in your backyard. Some cities allow for a traditional pit fueled by logs and natural wood. Other people opt for natural gas pits because burning wood is not allowed or they do not like the smoke. Some variety of heat extends the life of your outdoor area and makes a big difference in locales that get cold in the evening. Heat lamps, seen throughout outdoor seating areas at restaurants and venues, work well in a garden too.

Establish Surround Sound

Years ago, outdoor entertainment was managed by standing speakers or entertainment centers close enough to a window or sliding door. Today, remote speakers make it possible to achieve surround sound in your backyard. Some are content with a few speakers so guests can listen to music. Others transform outdoors areas into mini movie theaters with pulldown screens and quality sound systems.

Find Cover From the Rain

Warmer temperatures are inviting yet rain deters many and causes people to retreat inside. An oversized umbrella or large canopy over a portion of your yard allows guests to enjoy the outdoors despite light rains. With reliable cover, a party or gathering can continue undisturbed. It’s a great option to have and guests will appreciate the ability to stay outside rather than huddle together indoors.

Light the Way Into the Night

The sun will set but that doesn’t mean the festivities need to end. Lighting sets a nightly mood and enables guests to stay outside to dine, dance, and socialize. A certified electrician can provide you with a range of ideas such as installing a number of lights in the ground or inside wood steps and railings. Alternatively, some go cheap yet chic by placing candles in mason jars hung from trees.

Move the Garden and Not the People

It’s easier to arrange pots than it is to lug garden furniture around the patio. Some think a garden can only host beds of flowers but a large number of potted plants and flowers achieves the same effect. Moreover, a range of pots provides a chance to make subtle impressions with shapes and colors. Alternatively, matching pots present a uniform appearance.

Use Food to Gather People

Everyone needs to eat, so a quality grill, smoker, or other cooking device ensures your patio will be populated with hungry guests. But what’s a high-end grill without the know-how in serving up delectable entrees and snacks? Compliment your purchase by researching the best ways to prepare and cook meats, vegetables, and cookout goodies. If a grill is too much of an investment, consider purchasing a quality blender so you can serve guests alcoholic and virgin frozen cocktails.

Make it More Intimate with Tall Shrubs

Privacy is often an issue when entertaining outdoors. Unless you have a back lot in a cul de sac, it’s likely your garden is viewable from one or more neighbor’s homes. Planting plants and trees around the perimeter allows for more privacy. You could purchase trees and shrubs that are more mature and thus can quickly help enclose your garden.



Abigail Stephenson is always looking for new ways to entertain guests, especially during the short summer months. Her posts can be found on a number of DIY and homeowner blogs.