Making Christmas Special

You might think from the long list of toy reviews that happen on this site that my kids are spoilt rotten and my house looks like a toy shop but it may surprise you to know that the majority of the toys that come into our house are given away or donated to charity. We do occasionally keep one but for each one that the girls want to keep we have to give a different one away. Whether we donate the toys to friends, the school, the hospital or the local charity shop my girls know that giving feels good and bringing joy to others is really important. They also understand that toys are not all they are cracked up to be. I mean we love toys obviously but they don’t make the world go round.

This week I was at the Dream Toys event and I was asked a few times what my girls want for Christmas. It was actually a huge surprise to everyone to hear that they had asked me for a large cardboard box filled with helium balloons. They also asked if I would wrap all the doorways in the house in wrapping paper on Christmas Eve which is something we have done the last few years. They also want to make snowman soup (hot chocolate) and sprinkle reindeer food outside as well as go carol singing. I love the fact that they take the spirit of Christmas so seriously and think more about the fun of it rather than what presents they can have. Now don’t get me wrong they have asked Santa for a laptop so they are not completely non materialistic and if they are sat with a toy catalogue they are capable of pulling out a few items they would like but the things we do together are much more important.

The other day a video popped up on facebook which was an old ikea advert and it really made me think. Check out the video below.