How to make over the kids bedrooms in three easy steps

I don’t know about you but I get a bit twitchy when the house has looked the same for a while. I feel the need to mix it up a little, move the furniture around and generally make it feel new. The girl’s bedrooms are the ones I turn to first when I want to make some changes.

When we first moved into this house I painted both of the girl’s bedrooms the same. The bottom half green and the top half blue. A perpetual sunny day with a bright blue sky and glorious green grass. As they have got older their tastes have obviously developed and now the two rooms look very different but giving them a refresh is still really simple.

Reusable wall stickers – We used wall stickers for years to help us change the themes of the girl’s bedrooms to match their favourite characters at the time. We bought ours from Amazon and with the children changing their favourite characters every six months or so this is a great way to keep up with the latest trend and have happy kids.

Changing the bedding and curtains – Something as simple as a new duvet set and matching curtains really can change the feel of a room and there is nothing quite like climbing into bed with a nice new bedding set. You can pick up bedding sets cheap enough in most supermarkets now and it really does make the kids want to go to bed so no fighting over bedtime. A bigger change which can really make a difference to the room is to look at changing the bed. Adding Bunk Beds to a smaller room can really increase the space available and with so many to choose from you are bound to find the perfect bedroom for the space.

Organisation – Nothing says Wow like a tidy bedroom, whenever we have a huge sort out the girls seem to want to play in their bedrooms even more. The simple addition of cheap storage units can help organise and arrange the bedrooms into child-friendly areas. We have units for clothes and units for toys. We found that our wooden furniture was not really lasting the rigours of children and decided to bite the bullet and buy cheaper with the thought that we can always replace them later. So far we have been surprised at how well the plastic storage units have held up and as we were able to get them in different colours the girls are both happy that they have separate drawers.

Changing a theme of a bedroom is really easy once you have the basics sorted and a bit of forward planning really can make a huge difference. Alison has a box room so we had to plan her furniture carefully to ensure that we make the most of the available space and allow her to actually use her bedroom for more than just sleeping.

It doesn’t take much to freshen up a bedroom, now I just need to put the same amount of effort into mine.

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