Lego Galaxy Squad launches at the National Space Centre

WARNING: a horde of space bugs are taking over the galaxy. Cocooning everything in their path, these formiddable critters are turning entire planets into creepy hive worlds. Only one team of fearless heroes can stop them: LEGO® Galaxy Squad! Piloting powerful double function space crafts, the team of heroes and their robot sidekicks are ready to take on the swarm of alien insects and save the galaxy!

One of the things I have enjoyed most about being a Lego Family Blogger is the amazing events that they put on for their new product launches.

Not only are the products fantastic but each venue is chosen to fit with the launch and so it was that I ended up in Leicester on Saturday at the National Space Centre!

Galaxy Squad is a fantastic new range of Lego that includes split utility vehicles and awesome alien creatures. We had fantastic fun as a family not only with the Lego but exploring the Space Centre too. We are really looking forward to having the chance to sit and build some of the Galaxy Squad sets from scratch in our next Family Blogger Box and hope to get some of the Alien creatures as well as the good guys so we can really get immersed in this fabulous new adventure.