Lego Friends DVD – Girlz 4 Life out now

Last weekend I headed to London with both of my girls for the preview of the new Lego Friends DVD. The DVD is now available for you to buy so I thought I would tell you a bit about it.
Livi the number one pop star comes to Heartlake city and the Lego friends want to share one of their songs with her. Unfortunately this does not go to plan and Livi’s manager pretends that the song is for Livi and the friends have to work together to tell Livi that it is their song and not one written for her.

Girlz 4 Life is a story of friendship where working together and telling the truth helps everything work out perfectlu in the end.

Both of my girls loved the film and have watched it a few times since and we would definitely recommend it for fans of Lego Friends.