Leapfrog Blogger panel 2014

Its been an exciting couple of weeks in the Tired Mummy of Two household and we have seen some fantastic opportunities come our way. One of these opportunities that I am very excited about is that we have been selected to be part of the Leapfrog Blogger Panel for 2014.

Not only does this give me the option to review more of the Leapfrog range but it also gives me another shiny badge for my side bar. We have really enjoyed reviewing some of their products on this blog including the LeapReader, LeapPad Ultra, Read with me Violet, touch magic guitar and touch magic bus. 

Just last week we received exciting news that LeapFrog is launching the first wearable activity tracker for children, the LeapBand! We are looking forward to having the chance to review it very soon but in the mean time here is some more information about it.
The LeapBand is designed just for kids to encourage active play and healthy habits with their very own personalised virtual pet. The tracker has 50 different activities and challenges and the more they move, the more points they earn for their pet. It also has a colourful fit-band style with high-res colour screen, making it aspirational for kids. It is designed to help children learn about developing healthy habits.

The LeapBand activity tracker comes with eight different customisable pets from LeapFrog’s popular Pet Pals franchise – a cat, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, penguin, robot and unicorn – which can be customised by colour and name. With their very own virtual pal, children can play 10 preloaded active games and challenges with access to 40 additional free challenges. As they move and earn points, kids can unlock each of the additional eight pets and earn virtual toys for each of them as they stay engaged and learning with mini-games including Pet Boogie, Pet Chef and Pet Salon. Kids will have fun completing a variety of activities including “Walk like a crab,” “Spin like a helicopter” and “Pop like popcorn” no matter where they are. LeapBand activity challenges are designed to keep kids active by tapping into their own individual movements without any required equipment.  

In addition to the active play on LeapBand, the fun is extended to include a free downloadable companion app called the Petathlon™. In the Petathlon app, kids can compete as their virtual pet in six mini-games like archery, surfing and bobsledding to win extras including medals and new tracksuits for their virtual pet. The Petathlon app is available for download to a child’s LeapPad Ultra, iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

We cant wait to bring you more on the LeapBand and other LeapFrog products in our role in the LeapFrog Blogger Panel.