Kristen Stewart looks hot even on crutches

I love watching the Oscars and any award ceremony really. I love the posh frocks and the ridiculous ones too. I even own a few posh frocks having been to and won awards in the past when I worked for a Digital agency.

However when I saw Kristen Stewart hobbling along the red carpet with crutches I just had to laugh. Her dress was absolutely stunning, her makeup was as perfect as always and her shoes although flat went amazingly with the outfit. She was the image of gorgeousness with the most awful looking crutches. Surely somewhere in the celebrity world they can make designer crutches.

I was doing some digging and apparently she cut her foot quite badly on some glass. I wonder if it was from some shattered glass that she broke after Twilight Breaking dawn was named worst film of the year at the Razzies. Or maybe it was whilst she was on a film set. She might even be able to claim for an accident at work. I could recommend Irwin Mitchell who would be more than happy to help.

I do miss award ceremonies though, I might even get one of my posh frocks out for the BIB’s just to mix it up a bit. What do you think? should I make an effort or stay in my relaxed clobber from the day?

Can you spot me in this picture getting an award in 2011?