How to Make Your Kids Room More Practical

Designing the perfect room for your kids is no easy feat. It is not until we face the challenge ourselves that we realise the many nuances that go into putting together a room that balances form and function. Your kids rooms will be where they spend most of their lives and is where they will work, play, and, of course, sleep. Most of us have fond memories of our childhood room. For those who remember several different rooms, looking back on them as an adult can give you some new perspective on how to put one together for your own children.

As children, we aren’t usually thinking about things like the efficiency of our parents’ storage designs. As an adult, however, you might be able to recall some of the tricks your parents had for keeping your toys and other debris clear of the floor. Because there are an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and setups for children’s bedrooms, there are no catch-all solutions for making a kid’s room more practical.

By looking at other people’s solutions, however, you can get your own creative juices flowing and work to find solutions that don’t only make the room more usable for the child but easier for you to clean.

Invest in Mid-Sleeper Beds

Beds are the cornerstone of any kids room and the style, size, and shape of the bed will dictate how you can and should best use the rest of the space available. Beds that are raised off the ground leave more space beneath; this can range from the height of a set of draws that are built into the bed, to room for children to stand beneath the mattress.

Usually, these beds come with desks built-in. If you have space for a desk elsewhere, however, or if you want to discourage your children being sat at it alone for hours, then mid sleeper beds are an excellent choice. As well as making efficient use of the space available, mid-sleeper beds also look very elegant and many have enough space for the unit to function as a desk.

Incorporate a Chalkboard

By incorporating chalkboard around walls and doors you can create space for your children to express themselves creatively (without damaging the house!), as well as for making notes. They are a fun way of reminding kids to do homework and chores and because they can rub items off as they complete them, they can visualise the progress they are making. Chalkboards are also a fun aid for children to use when doing maths homework.

Create a ‘Soft Space’

A soft space is an area with a thick rug or mat, around which are cushions or similarly soft objects are placed. The idea is that within this area children can play more physically without having to worry about colliding with anything hard and likely to cause damage.

Making your kid’s bedroom more practical is easy if you think outside the box. Remember that any empty space you have can be used for storage, with options designed for just about every situation.

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  1. We’ve been looking at reworking our Abigail’s room. Being the youngest, she’s been stuck with the smallest room and has too many things to leave all over the floor. Two years ago we built a high sleeper bed and squeezed a desk and shelves underneath, but that hasn’t solved it. Next plan is to build a bed that is nearly all storage inderneath.
    Will the messy floor ever be tidy?

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