Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Fresh with These 9 Tips

Keeping your car clean is always a challenge when you have kids. You need to ferry them to and fro different places and give them snacks to keep them busy as you tend to errands. Regardless of their age, children tend to leave a trail of dirt and clutter behind, such as food crumbs, snack wrappers, bodily fluids, sports equipment, toys, stickers, or clothes.

Few of us enjoy cleaning dirty cars, but a choice between a clean car interior and driving in one that smells like spoilt chips is not that hard. The nine tips discussed below will help you keep your car clean without the need to take it to the car wash.

Cover the Seats

Covering your seats allows you to protect them from getting messed up with food, snacks, and dirt.  You can opt for a temporary cloth sheet to help cover your seats. However, a plastic cover is a more permanent option, and it’s easier to clean without removing and washing it.

Remove Stickers

Kids love stickers and will put them everywhere, including the interior of their car. You may also have leftover holiday stickers from your vacation. Some DIY tips on how to remove stickers include using nail polish remover, peanut butter, or turpentine. You can also buy a sticker remover.

Keep the Surfaces and Windows Clean

Kids tend to touch car surfaces and windows and leave greasy fingerprints behind. Therefore you need to wipe all surfaces with a clean cloth and some water or use baby wipes. Additionally, clean your car windows regularly to maintain proper visibility when driving using a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Trash Storage

Be creative and come up with trash storage for your car. Use different containers as makeshift garbage cans. You can also put a plastic bag in a box or even a cereal bowl and instruct your kids to use it as a mini trash can. You can also use small clothing baskets, tissue boxes, or shoeboxes.

Remove Odours

A car can trap different odours from various sources, including spilled drinks and beverages or spoilt food. One trick to remove the odours is to put baking soda in a box and place it under your seats for 30 days to absorb smells. Baking soda has no chemicals and causes no harm even if you forget to change. If it spills, you can wipe or vacuum it. An air fresher on your rearview mirror or dashboard can also help.

Cup Holder Cleaner

Cup holders can be tricky to clean, yet you almost certainly use them daily. Clean them using a travel cup with a sock over its bottom that’s soaked in detergent or window cleaner. Put the cup in place and twist it severally to shift the grime and remove dirt.

Child Car Seats

Child car safety seats can get particularly grubby because they have many small nooks where dirt and dust can build up. Before cleaning your child’s car seat, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the cover, buckle, and harness and wash them separately. Be careful when putting back the car seat least you fit it incorrectly.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your car regularly to remove dust, dirt, and food crumbs. Vacuuming can drastically improve your car’s appearance, and it only takes a few minutes

Use an Organizer

Consider putting a portable travel organizer or shelf in the back to hold your kids’ snacks, tissues, toys, Band-Aids, clothes, and anything else you need.

Over to You

Kids are messy and can leave your car dirty with common stains, spills, food crumbs, and greasy handprints. The nine tips above can help you keep your car clean and prevent messes with a little know-how.