January Family Walks 

After the big Christmas binge everyone plans to be healthier in January. Whether you’ve had a few too many mine pies, overdone it with the alcohol or just feel a bit lazy after two weeks of doing nothing, January is the perfect time to make a new start. But, when you’ve got a young family it can be hard to find time to get back into shape so why not go on some lovely January walks as a family to get rid of those Christmas pounds.

Wrap up warm

The weather has already started to turn significantly colder. It’s grey and miserable outside so it’s not the best environment for walking in unless you’re all wrapped up and prepared.  Walking is the easiest way to lose weight and means you’ll all be getting out rather than staying in sat on the sofa so invest in some warm and waterproof layers.

A waterproof coat is a must. Regatta have some amazing waterproof coats for children which will keep them warm and dry no matter how wet it gets so there’ll be  moaning about everyone wanting to go home as soon as it starts raining. A warm scarf, hat and gloves are also essentials to stop those January chills. Snow is usually forecast for January so stocking up on outdoor clothing is advised as once it comes you’ll be sure to go sledging.

Make sure you’ve all got the right footwear on too. No one wants to end up down a sludgy path and ruin their new trainers they got for Christmas. A decent pair of wellies are the perfect footwear for a January walk as you never know what kind of weather we’re going to get an it’s generally very wet underfoot. Wellies are easy to clean too, just make sure everyone’s wearing a thick pair of socks so they’re nice and comfortable.

Walking is good for the body and mind

Getting outside is sure to improve your mood and your body. You’ll be able to soak up some vitamin D from the daylight and that should make everyone feel nice and healthy. There’s no better time to kick start those New Year’s resolutions to get back in shape and it’s great for the kids to get some healthy exercise too.

​ So start now, get out walking this January and remember stock up on the tea and hot chocolate to warm up with when you get home.