It’s operation day!

I hate today. I hate going to the doctors and I especially hate going when I know I am going to get needles and horrible things done to me. Its almost as bad as going to the dentist.

Unfortunately I have had quite a bad ingrowing toenail for quite a long time and after many courses of antibiotics I have finally been given a date to have most of my toenail removed. That date is today.

Just the thought of what they are going to do makes me feel a bit sick. The needles to numb it, the cutting away of the nail, the massive bandage which means I won’t be able to wear normal shoes. I mean who wants to wear a flip flop at the end of November?
I have been putting up with this ingrowing toenail for so long now that I know getting it sorted out will be the right thing to do but I also remember having a similar thing done when I was a teenager. Back then they used lasers. The cut my nail down both sides leaving a strip in the middle and they removed the edges. My nail would then be treated with Phenol . I remember banging it occasionally and the agony I was in. I think I need to stock up on some pain killers to get me through these next few weeks. The problem is that they all cost so much. I have been looking on Pharmacy at hand though and they have a great deal on some of the pain relief including one of my favourites Paramol. I can get next day delivery and seen as i will be unable to drive to begin with I think that might be a good idea. after all last time I sent Hubby to buy me some decent pain killers for my back he came back with aspirin.

My appointment is at three thirty this afternoon and as I look at the clock counting down to that time I feel even more ill. I will let you know how I get on but I promise you there will be no photos.

I hope you are all having a good day why not tell me what you are up to so it can stop me feeling so sorry for myself.


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