Its #NatStatWeek and to start us off we are doing the Smencils Smell Challenge!

It is National Stationery Week, a week were it is ok to geek out a little bit over the stationery we love, to spend slightly too long stroking a particular notebook or constantly doodling just so you can use your favourite pen that little bit longer. 

Stationery obsession used to be a thing that was hidden away behind closed doors only your very closest confidants knowing the extent of your journal collection or the place you hoard your most precious pens however times are changing, people are once again proud of their stationery, they are proud of the overly organised set of notebooks that sit in size order on their desk and it is time I joined them. It is time I admited to myself and to the world that I am a Stationery addict and I am proud.

This week will be a celebration of all things Stationery today is Pen and Pencil day so it is the perfect day to share with your our Smencils Smell Challenge because you can’t get a better pencil than a smelly pencil.


Take five smencils, cover the ends so there is no cheating and then get people to guess the smell.

It seemed easy enough a challenge and I was convinced that the girls would be able to work out at least three of the smells involved but I suppose I knew the answers so the smells made sense to me.

Check out the video below to see how they got on and maybe give it a go yourself. It was loads of fun so much so that the girls want to do it again with some different flavours next time.