Is your other half as crap as mine?

Its February, that dreaded month that always has an arguement half way through. I can feel the storm building up already as I see lovely hearts everywhere, gorgeous flowers in pots and massive boxes of chocolates stacked on shelves.

So with Valentines day plastered everywhere how does my Hubby seem to forget? Well this year I will be prompting him a little, very subtly ofcourse.

Is this Subtle enough?

Ok, maybe I wont use that but I would really like him to buy me something that isnt a piece of commercial tat. Something that he has thought about and at least something that I might like.

This is where Next comes in, he likes Next, in fact if the parcel that arrived today has any bearing, he really likes next, especially when it is on my account.

Next have created a gift finder which should be able to help him work out what I would like.. Its quite good actually, I put in all my details as though Hubby was buying for me and it chose this Heart Collage frame which I think is great. Why not see if it can chose your ideal gift and if so leave it open for your other half to see.

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