Is it ever ok to miss your childs birthday?

It pains me to say it but once again I can see where Katie Hopkins is coming from.

Ok she is a rude and vile women who resorts to rudeness to try to get her point across and I don’t think I could sit on the sofa and agree with her without wanting to slap her let along disagree but I am of the school of thought that birthdays are moveable things.

My girls know the days of the week but at four and five they have yet to be able to read a calendar, we have moved birthdays by as much as two weeks in the past and got away with it. In fact in some cases I am very glad we did. Last August we went to Butlins to see the new Wave Hotel. Whilst there we booked onto a character lunch, arranged a celebration package and woke Alison up that morning to her presents. Thirteen days early.

Four days before her official birthday Elizabeth was taken into hospital and diagnosed with Leukemia. I missed Alison turning three. The only thing that held me together was the amazing day she had two weeks previously on the day we celebrated her Birthday. This year she got up on her birthday and went back to school after the summer holidays. It was not a fun day but the weekend before we had packed full of fun. We didn’t move her birthday this year but I wish we had. It can’t be fun going back to school on your birthday.

Moving birthdays to more convenient days may seem like a bad thing to some parents but to me if moving it to the weekend or celebrating it whilst on holiday the week before can create better memories and give them a better birthday experience then why not.

Soon they will be able to read a calendar and I won’t be able to get away with it anymore. For now I want to make the most of giving them the best experiences that I can on their one special day a year, even if it is the wrong day.