Introducing… Tootsie (girl) and Buttons (boy)

These are Santa’s Elfs, they are very cheeky and they have come to stay with us until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve they will go to see Santa with us and let Santa know if the girls have been naughty or nice.

Alison is a little young to really understand this but whenever Alison is a bit cheeky Elizabeth keeps telling her Buttons (Alisons Elf) is watching her.

Elizabeth loves her Elf Tootsie and has taken her too school and wherever she is Tootsie is, I think it is a bit weird you would think that she would try to hide her so she cant watch her being naughty but instead she is listening well and talking to tootsie all the time, pointing out when she has been particularly good.

Elizabeth has already shown concern that Tootsie will have to go away after christmas but I have let her know she will be back next year. I believe my elfs are going to become a family tradition.

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