Ideal Fitted Alcove Wardrobe

Modern trends in choosing an interior for a bedroom involve the creation of the most spacious and compact storage system in order to save free space. Sliding fitted alcove wardrobes are ideal for this purpose. 

Features of wardrobes for the bedroom

The peculiarity of such a wardrobe is the ability to use the entire space from floor to ceiling, including niches, corners and other dead zones. In addition, sliding doors can be used. They do not require additional space to open the wings. The unusual decorative materials of the facades are often used to make an alcove wardrobe unique.

Varieties of wardrobes

The range of wardrobe types is large, choosing your option is not difficult. There are two types of configuration.

  • Straight

Alcove wardrobes of classical form usually have one or two sections on the facade – it all depends on the length of the furniture. 

  • Corner

Models are triangular, diagonal, trapezoidal, L-shaped. With the same area, such wardrobes are more spacious than their counterparts. In the bedroom, it is recommended to place the corner wardrobe not in front of the door, but on the side.

Spectacular facade materials

Sliding doors can be chosen from time-tested materials (wood, glass), or look at novelties, unusual options such as bamboo or rattan.

  • Chipboard

Laminated chipboard is the most popular and budget friendly material. A light and durable slab of pressed sawdust glued with a special resin is covered with a moisture-resistant decorative film that imitates wood, plastic, rattan.

  • Lacomat

Frosted glass thanks to special technology becomes translucent. As a result, you can see the silhouettes of things behind the facade. A matte sheen that does not reflect light goes well with wood, mirrors, and various inserts.

  • Lacobel

Coloured glass on the reverse side is covered with a special film. This makes the material spectacular and voluminous. In addition, the film is an additional guarantee of safety: if the glass is damaged, the fragments do not scatter throughout the room, so it is extremely difficult to get hurt. Lacobel is used as an independent material or in combination with companion surfaces.

  • Leather

Genuine leather looks luxurious, with age it only becomes more noble, but this natural finishing option is pretty expensive. At the disposal of furniture makers today are dozens of varieties of eco-leather that imitates natural material. Leather inserts are often used in combination with chipboard, glass, and mirror.

  • Mirrors

The mirror facade adds space and light to the room, but it is not always used in its pure form. You can combine the mirror with other materials or decorate it with some kind of decor: a beautiful frame, spectacular edge processing, sandblasted patterns. With the help of tinting, you can make the mirror coloured.

Stylish Colours and Shapes

Classic pastel colours and delicate textures are not a prerequisite for decorating a modern interior. Fashionable colourful accents only enrich the image without violating the integrity of the colour composition. A wide range of materials for finishing facades makes it possible to choose your own option. 

Neutral base colours (black, white, brown, beige, milky) never get bored, they add sophistication and charm to the interior. To prevent furniture from looking massive and bulky, glossy surfaces, glass and mirrors should be used in the design of facades. 

There are no restrictions in the design of alcove wardrobes: 

  • you can choose a model of a non-standard shape;
  • or with a spectacular colour scheme and design. 

The accent element will bring originality and comfort to the interior.

What to hide and what to show?

A modern alcove wardrobe is not just a convenient and ergonomic storage system. 

  • Wardrobe in the bedroom with ironing board

It is not possible to equip a laundry room with a place for an ironing board in every apartment, so many people have to iron clothes in the bedroom. If there is no dressing room, you can think about a place in the closet for a retractable ironing board. Usually one of the sections is used for this purpose. 

  • Alcove wardrobe with built-in TV

Rare bedroom does without a TV. Thanks to its flat design, it can be easily built into a wardrobe. You can fix it on the wall or provide a module in the form of a TV shelf that can also accommodate books and decor. This part of the facade can be left open. The TV needs ventilation, do not push it too far. If you decide to hang the TV right on the door, make sure the materials and mechanisms are reliable. Place a wardrobe with a TV set opposite the bed. 

  • With a workplace

In a small apartment, the bedroom is used not only for sleeping – during the day you can organise a working area here. A computer desk of any design can be mounted in a closet. If necessary, shelves, drawers and lighting can also be arranged. In a corner cabinet, a workplace can be arranged in a corner – for such an uncomfortable area, this is the best solution.