“I wish for a bigger bedroom”

Last weekend when we were in London Alison was given a helium filled balloon. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before it went flying into the sky, luckily for us we have had something in place for years that prevents the tears that usually follow this sort of accident. You see each time a balloon floats into the sky you are allowed to make a wish. Now I am pretty good at making wishes come true and the girls usually choose something simple like watching a film, extra bedtime story or even going to the park. However Alison had something else in mind. She wished for a bigger bedroom. 

Alison has been complaining about the size of her bedroom for a while, after all she has the box room and her sister has a big bedroom but granting a wish like this is not easy. Unless we move house we are stuck with a small box room so it was time to think outside the box (excuse the pun) and find a way around the problem.

Alison has not had her room decorated for a few years and she currently has a mid sleeper which she used to be able to fit underneath to play but she is a lot taller than she was two years go so now the space under her bed is wasted but it gave me an idea. Elizabeth had a high sleeper but hers is a cabin bed with a desk and wardrobe but that wouldn’t make Alison’s room any bigger but a high sleeper frame would. 

I decided to pull together a pinterest board with my ideas on.

With the high sleeper frame I found a wardrobe and storage that would fit nicely underneath and still allow lots of extra space. As I was playing around with the furniture I decided that I may as well decorate as well so gone are all the room stickers and hello to a feature wall with Frames wallpaper from Graham and Brown. This can allow her to stick up some of her art work from school to display and also cut things out of magazines. Alison loves arts and crafts so this wallpaper is perfect for her and she is already collecting various drawings to put in the frames.

As well as the wardrobe and toy storage she has asked for her very own bookcase so she can have a reading corner, I love that she has a passion for reading so as well as a new bookcase I wanted to treat her to some new books too. We sat down together on The Works website looking at all the books and instead of the 10 for £10 I was going to buy her we ended up buying 20! We just couldn’t choose and they were so cheap. Here is a pinterest board showing the books she chose.

I have a lot of work in front of me but I can’t wait to show you the finished bedroom, I am just waiting for it all to arrive now. Wish me luck and if you have any decorating tips let me know!