I think going to the gym is going to work

When I thought about joining the gym back in December I wasn’t sure if it would agree with me. I am not a gym type person but I do love challenging myself and I find that fitness classes do that. 

I have now been to a few different classes as well as a few session on the cardio machines and as much as they hurt whilst I am there I come away feeling empowered and I am really feeling the benefits. I am sleeping better after exercise and I am able to concentrate more. 

In fact I have enjoyed it that much that I am now considering getting a personal trainer, I need someone to push me to complete an exercise and to challenge me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. 

My whole intention of going to the gym is to lose weight and get healthy but without a personal trainer I am not sure if what I am doing is the right way to do it.  I have found a few plans which have lots of the resistance (weights) machines in them which I would love to try but I feel I need some more support on them. 

I am tempted to try getting a personal fitness plan which my gym offers for £15. Maybe when I have a list of exercises to do, what settings and for how long I will be more confident trying new things.

Have you ever done anything similar? I am loving working out but really want it to work for me too.