I need sleep!

I am not sure why but at the moment I seem to be in a perpetual cycle of exhaustion. I wake up in the morning feeling as though I have not slept a wink and struggle through the day in a caffeine haze.

I have an underactive thyroid which doesn’t help but I have had that for over 10 years and it only seems to be this last month that I am really suffering. Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe doing the school run in the mornings instead of lazing about in my pjs will help to liven me up.

Someone said to me the other day that maybe I am not getting into a deep sleep and I suppose that could be right. I have a sore shoulder and it is uncomfortable at night so maybe the way I am sleeping is waking me up. Time4Sleep has a great interactive description about the sleeping body that shows me that this could be true.

What I need to know now though is how to make myself go to sleep deeper and for longer.

After a bit of research I have found out the following

I should set a bedtime and go to bed at the same time every night. I should also get up at the same time every morning so maybe my new sunrise alarm clock will help me with that.

I should definitely spend more time outside and my hermit like lifestyle is not helping with my lack of decent sleep.

Have a cool room, a bedroom that is too hot will prevent you from sleeping well.

An obvious one that is not going to happen in my lifetime is to cut down on the caffeine, without it I wouldn’t be functioning so this will stay put but drinking more water earlier in the day will help to clear it out of my system quicker without making me get up to go to the toilet ten million times.

Having a comfy bed is important too and I have just invested in some nice new pillows so I look forward to them arriving, hopefully they will make me fall asleep quicker.

With lots of tips I hope to be snoring away in a deep sleep very soon and hopefully wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
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