I have the power!!

Ok so that sounds like it came from an old He-man cartoon but an interesting article I read today suggests that as a Mummy Blogger I do have the power, the power to influence people.

So here goes I want to influence you all to buy me chocolate. No I am only joking, well sort off , if you wanted to buy me chocolate then you can, honestly I wont refuse it.

The thing I liked most about this article is that the person who wrote it had their whole opinion of Mummy Bloggers changed after attending a Mummy Blogger conference. They realised that we dont start blogging for money and that we are honest about products and therefore make the best reviewers, they were inspired by Mummy Bloggers and to be honest so was I and that was why I started blogging.

So I want to say to all you Mummy Bloggers out there to hold your head up high and believe that you do have the power and you can make a difference.

Here is the link to the article in question so you can read it for yourself.

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