I have a Hate Hate relationship with Clothes

Having lost some inches recently thanks to Thinking Slimmer I have been finding that my trousers have been falling down a lot. Now for most of you that would be great you would be thinking about going shopping and what you are going to buy, for me I hate it. I loved my comfy jeans, I really wish they should shrink with me but unfortunately that cant happen.

I find that I have to buy my jeans from the supermarket, I was an 18 to 20 with really fat thighs and branded or high street jean never seemed to fit right. I also have the issue of tops, I hate fashion, nothing ever looks good on me that is in fashion, I tend to wear metal hoodies over everything as I feel comfortable in them an well I realised that I had been hiding inside them.

Now dont get me wrong this is not a sponsored post or anything like that no one has asked me to write this but I wanted to share with you the fact that I have found some clothes that I really love, believe me this is a miracle.

I have a next account and as you can see from my sidebar I am part of the next blogger network now this is nothing to do with them but all the items I bought were in their sales.

My new favourite Brand is LIPSY!!!

Yep they make tops that flatter me even in big sizes which is unusual, if you dont believe me have a look at the photos below where I am showing off my new clothes. Also I would like to mention how great I felt at ordering 3 pairs of Next jeans in different styles in a size 18 that fit perfectly, I know I would not be a size 18 if I went to tescos or asda but in Next I am really happy to find jeans that not only fit but look amazing. Just see for yourself and let me know what you think.

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