I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam

Earlier this month I received a fantastic package through the post that made Gaming Daddy of Two very happy. I have become part of the Netflix Stream team. By the way Joe & Seph’s popcorn is the best in the world, just saying!

It is sad to say that I had never used Netflix before this and I couldn’t wait to sign up and get started.

One thing I really like was the different accounts for different members of the family. This means we can set our own likes and restrictions which is great for family life.

Being able to connect to Netflix from our mobile devices as well as on our TV at home has allowed us to  reduce our tv package and entertain the children on the go.

So far I have not had much chance to enjoy much “Me time” with Netflix however I have been slowly catching up on Vampire Diaries which I always seem to miss episodes off even when on series link. I am also looking forward to watching some of the tv shows which everyone talks about sons of anarchy, Breaking bad and Orange is the new black.

To be fair we will mostly use Netflix for the girls and I was really excited to see Ever after High on there because I know that Elizabeth will absolutely love it.

For now we will continue to enjoy our time as part of the Netflix #streamteam but if you can recommend something for us to watch just let me know!