I am a murderer

I am sorry!

I didnt mean it!

It was an accident!

Honest guv it wasnt me!

These were all phrases that went through my mind when I realised what I had done, I jumped on the computer googling places that I could go to get a replacement, I phoned 5 different numbers, was on hold for 20 minutes and finally I found one. It wouldnt look the same but it was better than nothing.

In fact I love it, see lovely ladies this is how to make a white tree look good.

So what happened to the other one? Well have a look at this and you will understand why I threw it into the garden

Do you like my nice black I mean green rug. I was not impressed and neither was my hoover. Do not try to hoover up pine needles in fact the best thing we found in the end is an outside broom as it had really stiff bristles.

So R.I.P dear tree and believe me when I say I will never ever get a real one again.

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