HP Instant Ink

If there is one thing in life I really don’t like it has to be running out of ink half way through printing something! When I was contacted about a new service called Instant Ink I was definitely intrigued.

Depending on how much you use your printer and what you print HP Instant Ink not only means you wont run out but it can also save you an awful lot of money. 
There are three plans to choose from that allows you to print up to 50 pages, 100 pages or 300 pages per month. These could be standard black and white pages or fabulous family photos.

Instant Ink is basically allowing your printer to order ink when it’s running low, which is then delivered direct to your door without you having to do anything – apart from put the new cartridges in, of course.

I am always rubbish at getting new ink cartridges and sometimes I go weeks without ink before I finally remember to get some more. To me the benefits of an automatic printer ink delivery service are numerous. I’ll never run out of ink again – so there’ll be no printing disasters or washed-out family (or kitten) pictures. I also won’t have to go out of my way to buy cartridges. Obviously the most exciting part is that I can save money too!

I am currently testing the HP Instant Ink service but have yet to need a new ink cartridge so can’t comment on how quick the delivery is but it looks like a great service and the printer we are using is the HP Envy 5530 which is a fantastic all in one printer that is perfect for our family needs.