HP Instant Ink – Free Your Prints

Having just come back from holiday I spent a few hours looking through all of the photos I took. It seems such a shame that so many of our photos don’t go anywhere and just stay stored away on the hard drive of my laptop. 

As we have HP Instant Ink and seen as I am never anywhere near my printing limit I decided to take the opportunity to free my prints and find a great way to display them.

Seeing my photos on display above my workstation makes me so happy and each time my work gets a bit much I just glance up at the pictures which are made up from opportunities that my blog has brought us. 

Having the ability to print high-quality pictures at home to create our own displays or even to be able to create cards for birthdays or other celebrations using the HP Creations software.

From now on my prints wont be stuck on my Laptop hidden away in folders, I plan to print a few pictures from each of our adventures to add to my display and make me smile when I need it.