How to save money on Halloween

With Halloween just right around the corner, parents and teachers and kids alike are thinking about ways they can celebrate this ghoul-friendly holiday. While kids are wondering about the amount of candy that they are going to get, parents and teachers and all guardians are wondering about how they can save money for this year’s Halloween celebrations. That’s not a problem if these tips are followed:

1. Buy small or medium-sized candy

These candies will usually come in large bags and are miniature size versions of their larger counterparts. However, they help save you money because one bag of these small-sized candies will last longer than regular-sized candies will. Try to give candy that kids will love. While most kids will eat virtually any kind of candy they get, kids love chocolate bars better because they seem to be more expensive and they seem tastier.

2. Don’t just put the candies in a bowl and tell kids to grab whatever they want

Instead, give them out yourself. This will double the life of your candy bowl/bag and will allow you to give candy to more people.

3. Make Halloween decorations or costumes yourself

Fabric is even cheaper than the readily made costumes that may cost you well over £20 or £30 each. A simple mask or an easy-to-make dress is inexpensive, can be reused, and will help put more money in your pocket to go towards buying candy. Teachers will love Halloween because this holiday, like so many others, encourages kids to do more arts and crafts. By making your own Halloween decorations, you can enjoy the Halloween spirit as well as do something fun and creative in class.

4. Remember the people to whom you’ve already given candy

This will help you cut down on how much candy you give away, and will allow different people from your neighbourhood to get some of your candy, too. Not only will you be showing fairness, but you will end up saving a bit of money.

5. Always buy Halloween costumes or candy throughout the year

When there is a candy sale going on, don’t forget to buy plenty. If you can find a store that exclusively sells candy, go there and buy plenty, too. Out-of-season purchasing will usually save you money in the long run.

Although Halloween should not be an expensive celebration, it usually becomes one because people don’t think about their expenses. However, if you shop smartly and economically, you can save money on this year’s Halloween celebrations.