How to ruin the perfect day

Thursday was a day I had been looking forward to for weeks.

I had a day off.

A day off from being mummy and a day to be just me.

It started off well with Hubby taking charge of the girls and getting them ready whilst I packed my bags.

Thursday lunchtime saw me pulling into a starbucks with my stereo blaring out Team Rock Radio and with no one else in the car with me.

I was on my way to see the newly rebuilt Next in Warrington Gemini Retail Park. The store has gone through a huge rebuild after a fire left half of it severely damaged. The part of the store we went to see was the new Home and Garden section and its a good job because I would have spent a fortune in the clothes bit.

I find that the things I take photo’s off can say a lot about my mood and so it was that I found myself with lots of pictures of inspirational quotes and gorgeous flowers. Unfortunately I took so many photos my phone’s battery died.
After spending the £50 voucher that I was given on a few bits and bobs for the house we all moved on to the part of the day we were looking forward to most.

My afternoon consisted of afternoon tea with lots of cake, full use of the spa facilities including a decent sized pool and an outdoor hot tub. Add to this two glorious spa treatments (I had a facial and body scrub) and lots of friendly bloggers to talk too by the time pre dinner drinks were served at 7pm I was well and truly relaxed.

The evening saw us in a private room being wined and dined whilst enjoying each others company. The food served was really nice and the wine was really flowing which made me wish I wasn’t driving. After dinner we were treated to coffee and chocolates before heading home with a fabulous goody bag filled with candles and other items from the Next Home range.

I got into the car, plugged my phone into my USB connector and then my wonderful amazing day was ruined. Hubby had text me at 4pm to let me know Elizabeth had a temperature. A quick phone call revealed he had yet to take her to hospital so I drove (a bit too quickly) down the dark country lanes and the motorways to collect a poorly daughter before arriving at the hospital just before midnight. Three nights we stayed and only got home at around 4pm this afternoon. She has an ear infection which is what caused the temperatures so nothing to worry about but 3 nights in a ward with such a poor phone signal that I couldn’t set up my phone to tether to my laptop or tablet has meant that the last few days have been the longest I have experienced in a long time.

In some ways I see my phone battery dying as a blessing. I needed the spa, the treatments and the me time and if my phone had been on I would not have had any of that. I do with hubby had taken her in himself though as we could have been home yesterday if he had.

We have both learned something, I know to inform him of who I am with (and to buy a new battery for my phone) and he has learned to take her to hospital even if he cant get hold of me.

My fabulous relaxing day gave me the strength and the calmness to deal with the problem and to keep my energy up until my head hit the pillow at 4am Friday morning and it also renewed my patience in being a parent.

Now when is my next spa day?

*Thank you Next