How to makeover a room in 5 easy steps

Every now and then I get fidgety when I look at the rooms in my house and I start planning my next makeover. Our house is a new build and still has magnolia walls in most of the rooms so I tend to look at quick and easy changes that can make a visual statement without me having to reach for a paintbrush. We changed Elizabeth’s bedroom recently and made small changes to our bedroom with the addition of a window blind and some new bedding our living room is starting to feel neglected. If you are also looking to make a room makeover then why not follow my 5 simple steps.

Step One – Feel the Floor

We now have wooden floors but when we had carpets my first step was always to hire a Rug Doctor. Whether you have wooden floors or carpet a rug can really make a difference to have a room looks. You can opt for one that has lots of texture to soften a room or one full of colour.

Step Two – Sort the storage

Half the reason people fall out of love with their rooms is due to clutter and after having a good sort out of what you need and don’t need it is always good to look at alternative storage you can use in your rooms. Our Bookcase has now got two broken shelves so I know we need to get a new one of those and we can definitely do with a better way of storing all my work as my desk and work area is the biggest problem. And for anyone thinking to themselves, “well, I can’t possibly have any space on the wall for storage with my radiator in the way”, I have the secret answer; vertical radiators. You can buy radiators here from this site, visit for more information. A vertical radiator not only frees up valuable real estate on the lower half of the wall (you can finally push the sofa against the wall!), they also happen to be quite cheap these days. I recommend having a look at some of the deals for lovely verticals rails at Trade Radiators, who usually have a few discounts on the go at any one time. 

Step Three – Snuggly soft accessories

Try to find curtains, cushions and lampshades that match your flooring or rug to help bring the whole room together. Even a matching shade of blanket on the sofa can make all the difference and is great to snuggle in on those dark cold nights.
Step four – Light the way
If your room is anything like ours the built-in lights don’t really work for the way our room is set out and with them on it can be too bright. You could change to a dimmer light switch or look at getting some floor lamps and table lamps to place around the room to light the areas you need.

Step five – Change the fittings

People tend to see the fixtures of a room as a permanent feature but it is really easy to change the fireplace or the radiators and they can completely change the feel of the room. Wall mounted electric radiators can make beautiful fittings and they are also great for heating the room in the winter. However, if you are looking for something that stands out a bit more then you can add Chrome radiators which can make a real feature of the room.

These five tips can really help to complete your room makeover and make your home look fabulous.