How To Make Walking Routes Fun And Safe For Kids

Walking is an easy way to get children moving and can help them become more physically active. It’s a great way to make sure they get the exercise they need for good health. It’s also a fun way to spend time together and talk about things that are important to both of you.

If you have younger children, here are some tips for making your walks fun and safe:

1. Choose A Route

Walking is an excellent way for kids to get some exercise and fresh air. But sometimes, walking can be tedious. That’s why it’s essential to find walking routes that are both fun and safe. First, make sure the route is appropriate for their age and ability level. If they’re young or inexperienced walkers, stick to flat, well-lit paths. Avoid busy roads or areas with steep hills.

Second, choose a route that has plenty of exciting things to look at. Kids will be more likely to enjoy themselves if they’re constantly seeing new things. So, pick a route that takes them past parks, playgrounds, museums, or other places where they can explore.

Finally, safety is always the most crucial consideration. Make sure the route you choose is well-lit and free of obstacles. If possible, walk the trail yourself first to identify any potential hazards. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your kids have a safe and enjoyable walking experience.

2. Add Fun Activities

To make sure your kids stay engaged, it’s essential to add some fun elements to your routes. One way to do this is to create a scavenger hunt. Give them a list of things to look for along the way and award points for each item they find.

You can also turn it into a competition by seeing who can find the most items in the shortest amount of time. Another fun idea is to make up stories as you walk. Each person can take turns adding a new element to the story and see how creative everyone can get.

Walking is also an excellent opportunity to teach kids about nature. Challenge them to identify different types of trees, birds, and other animals you see along the way. With a bit of imagination, you can turn any walk into an adventure that’s both fun and educational.

back view of curly kid holding hands with african american father and walking in park

3. Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately for the weather is critical to making walking routes fun and safe for kids. If it’s cold outside, make sure they have a hat, scarf, and gloves to keep them warm. If it’s raining, dress them in rain gear, so they don’t get soaked. And if it’s hot out, dress them in light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing to help them stay cool.

In addition to dressing appropriately for the weather, it’s essential to make sure kids are wearing comfortable shoes that fit well. Walking in shoes that are too big or too small can be uncomfortable and lead to blisters. Poorly fitting shoes can also trip kids up and cause them to fall.

4. Take Regular Breaks

One way to make walking more fun for kids is to take regular breaks. It doesn’t mean stopping every five minutes but rather planning for some short breaks along the route. For example, you might stop to explore a leaf or a rock or to listen to the birds. Taking breaks won’t only make the walk more enjoyable for kids, but it’ll also help maintain their focus and prevent them from getting bored or restless.

In addition, regular breaks are an excellent opportunity to remind kids of the importance of pedestrian safety. Before setting off again, review basic rules such as staying on the sidewalk and looking both ways before crossing the street. With a bit of planning, you can make walking routes fun and safe for the whole family.

5. Reward Good Behaviour

One strategy is to reward good behaviour. For example, you could set up a points system where kids earn points for every 10 minutes they walk. They can then redeem their points for prizes or privileges. It can help to motivate them to keep walking even when they don’t feel like it. Another way to make walking more fun for kids is to turn it into a game.

For instance, you could create a treasure hunt where they have to find items along the route. Or you could turn it into a scavenger hunt by giving them a list of things to look for (e.g., a flower, a leaf, a cloud, etc.). By rewarding your kids, you’re more likely to get kids engaged in the activity and encourage them to stick with it.


Walking is a great way to get kids active and can be easily worked into their daily routine. To make sure your kids stay safe and have fun, it’s important to choose routes that are well-lit and free of obstacles.

You can also add some fun elements to the walk such as a scavenger hunt or stories. And finally, don’t forget to dress them appropriately for the weather and take regular breaks. With a bit of planning, you can make walking an enjoyable activity for the whole family.