How to make the most from your garage

What do you use your garage for? Do you park your car in there overnight? Or is it used as a storage space for old items? For most their garage will be used for one of these two options, but with the ‘upcycling’ trend being highly popular, some people have decided to take this a step further and transform their garages into a room with a purpose.

This idea is especially good for expanding families who need extra space but aren’t able to compete within the housing market. You can transform garages into practically any space you want including a car shrine, a bar, a gym, a workshop, a utility room, a play room or even a teenage hang out room, the choice is up to you.

garage doors


If you want to transform your garage there are some simple steps you should follow.

  1. Before you make any changes to your garage you should first check for any restrictive clauses or building regulations in your lease or deeds to your house, which may limit you from converting your garage.
  2. When converting your garage you should consider not changing the space too drastically. As when it comes to selling your home the new buyer may want to use the garage as a space to park their car. This would mainly involve insuring that you keep any roller garage door that is installed.
  3. If you are going to be regular using your garage then you should make sure it is properly insulated. This may include replacing your old garage roller door, door and/or windows, so they are at the highest insulation standard and can help keep the garage warm.
  4. Many garages have uneven flooring or aren’t comfortable on walk on. You can rectify this by re-concreting you floor so it is even and then placing your chosen flooring on top of it. By laying your own flooring you will also give the garage more of a homely feel rather than an industrial one.
  5. Most garages already have plugs and lights fitted into them, but depending on what you wish to transform your space into, you may wish to get an electrician in to add more electrical points to your garage.
  6. Your last step would be to decorate your new space to fit your needs. This would include placing any appliances or equipment you may need into your garage. You could also get the walls plastered and paint them any colour you desire. It is your time to add your personal touch to your garage and convert it into whatever you want.

If you follow these steps then your garage can be transformed from a dumping ground into a space that can be beneficial to your family and an extension of your home.