How to improve your photography skills

Taking great photos is a skill that everyone needs nowadays. From sharing on social media to preserving memories, knowing how to take great photos can really make the difference. Below I am going to take a look at some of the easy ways that you can improve your photography.

Learn your camera settings

Understanding your camera is one of the most important things about improving your photography. Manual may be good enough to begin with but once you understand aperture and ISO you will really notice the difference. Even if you are taking photos on your phone you should still take a look at all of the settings to create the look you want.

Choose a good backdrop

Whether you are shooting outside on a beach or indoors, choosing a backdrop that works with your subject rather than against them really helps. You might want a natural background but you don’t want to distract from the focus of your photo. If you are taking portrait photos then you should set up a studio backdrop. There are so many to choose from but a hand-painted backdrop can really make a difference to the final images.  Product photography or flat lays are better taken with a vinyl backdrop, you can also use them for portrait photography and as they are cheaper you can get themed ones for different times of the year such as these Easter backdrops.

Use a tripod

Taking photos using a tripod really does make a difference to the clarity of the images you will get. Even when using your phone carry a small tripod or gorilla pod with you and use it as often as you can. You will notice a difference when the camera is not having to correct any stability issues.

Frame your subjects

Learning how to frame your subjects in your photos can really help to make them special. Look at the rule of thirds or the Golden Ratio to help make your image pleasing to the eye. Looking at how you frame something within your photos will really make a difference to the end result.

Edit your photos

No photo is perfect straight from your camera. Learning how to improve your photos in post-production will change how you take photos. If you wish to edit on your phone you can download something like lightroom which is easy to use. You can also create or buy presets which are easy to apply if you take a lot of similar photos.

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