How To Find Shoes For Wide Feet?

There could be numerous reasons why someone might have wide feet. Pregnancy, hammertoes, trauma, foot deformities, genetics, and wearing uncomfortable pairs of shoes for a long time could be the primary reasons why people might have wider feet than usual. 

Having wide feet can cause several problems; however, nothing serious might require immediate medical help. The not-so-serious challenges faced by people having wide feet include. 

  • You are more likely to develop various types of foot deformities and pain because finding the right pair of wide feet shoes becomes a bit daunting. 
  • You usually do not easily find more styles for wide feet shoes. Also, if you do, the prices would be sky-rocketing. 
  • Not being easily able to access a wide range of wide-fit shoes forces you to wear narrow-fit shoes, causing discomfort, pain, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, bunions, hammertoes, and many more such conditions. 

If you also have wide feet and are wondering how To fit shoes for your wide feet, then you are at the right place. This article teaches you how to fit the perfect shoes for your wide feet. 

So without wasting much of your time, let’s begin. 

How To Find The Best Shoes For Wide Feet?

Here are a few ways to help you find the perfect pair of comfortable shoes for your wide feet. 

Know The Shape of Your Shoes

Every shoe has its unique pattern and shape. Unfortunately, sometimes the shape does not match the condition of your feet because they have grown wider. If you have wide feet, there are a few things you need to know and avoid to keep your wide feet happy and comfortable. 

Things you need to avoid if you have wide feet include. 

  • Avoid wearing shoes whose toe box is too pointed
  • Narrow shoes or narrow soles.
  • Avoid wearing shoes with an unnatural curve.
  • Avoid wearing shoes with high heels.

All these points may look quite common and something that does not need to be said out loud. However, there still are many people who commit such silly mistakes and take the well-being of their wide feet for granted. 

Look For Shoes Length And Width

A few stores will measure not only the length of your feet but also the width. If you have seen the letter D or E written next to your shoe size, that indicates the width size of the respective pair. While D indicates the natural width, E is wide fit; EE is wider fit, 3E to 4E is extra wide fit, 5E to 6E is ultra-wide, and so on. 

The width of your shoes should be measured at the widest point of your foot. In order to find the shoe with the perfect guide fit, try on a few and check which feels the most comfortable, with minimal to no rubbing or pressure. 

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Let Your Feet Breathe

Your feet tend to swell during the daytime because your body is constantly moving, and mostly your body weight is on your legs and feet. Buying a pair of shoes that offers extra room to accommodate your swollen feet is nothing less than bliss. 

Prioritizing open-toed supportive sandals, or broader toe box shoes will provide that extra wiggle space to your feet, keeping them happy and comfortable. 

Opt For Shoes With Arch Support And Heel Support 

Wearing shoes with good, supportive, and firm heel support will help in guided steps and also influence your forefoot. Also, the arch support of your shoes will stabilize and support each step. 

Without firm heel support and natural arch support, your foot will roll down to its maximum width and exert strain on the soft tissues of the feet. 

Befriend Wide Feet Shoes 

It is vital to wear wide-fit shoes instead of trying to get into the regular narrow-fit shoes in case you have wide feet. Wearing wide-fit shoes allows your feet to breathe better, keeping several foot deformities at bay. 

In addition, with wide-fit shoes, you can walk, stand or even run for long hours without complaining about pinching pain in your feet. Besides this, wide-fit shoes come with a bigger and broader toe box space, offering maximum comfort. 


If you have wide feet because of genetics, pregnancy, or any other reason, you must look after picking up the perfect and the most comfortable wide-fit shoes that will not elevate the discomfort and will not cause you any sort of pain or other foot deformities, bunions, hammertoes, or swelling.