How SILK’N TIGHTRA can help women after childbirth and menopause

After childbirth or menopause, many women may find that their intimate parts can look and feel different. It is common for some women to experience, loss of sensitivity, dryness, urinary leakage and weakening of the area as well as cosmetic differences. If you suffer from any of these issues, then SILK’N TIGHTRA could be the best option for you. You won’t need to face the embarrassment of visits to doctors or clinics and you can instead use SILK’N TIGHTRA in the comfort of your own home.

I have only recently started to use SILK’N TIGHTRA so I am not yet able to tell you whether it works but I can tell you more about it and let you know my thoughts. I will admit that so far I have struggled to use it for the recommended time each week due to my lack of organisation but after I have used the device for a few more weeks I will pop back and update this post with my conclusions. Do drop me a comment if you have any questions though and I will get back to you.


SILK’N TIGHTRA is a home-use device that has been designed to help women rejuvenate their intimate area. SILK’N TIGHTRA uses Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy and is clinically proven for its effects on collagen containing tissue. SILK’N TIGHTRA can be used to tighten and firm inside and out as well as strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

What is in the SILK’N TIGHTRA Box?

Inside the SILK’N TIGHTRA box, you will find a beautiful purple case that contains your SILK’N TIGHTRA device with cover, a USB-cable and adapter, Silk’n Intimate Gel and the user manual.

How does SILK’N TIGHTRA work?

SILK’N TIGHTRA is easy to use and is intended for self-treatment.

Internal mode – Apply a small amount of Intimate Gel to all the electrodes. Press and hold the control button until the device turns on and vibrates. It is now set on the lowest energy level. Place the device internally and use your position to hold it in place. If after 5 minutes you are comfortable with the heat you can increase this to the regular energy level by pressing the button once or the high energy level by pressing the button twice. The device will auto-shutdown after 20 minutes.

External mode – Apply a small amount of Intimate Gel to the silver electrodes. To start external mode, press and hold the button and then quickly press it 3 times. The light will be constant white which shows that it is ready to use. Place the device with the 3 silver electrodes on your labia. The shape of the device makes this easier. You then slowly move the device up and down your labia for the 20-minute treatment time. If this becomes difficult, apply more gel.

When using SILK’N TIGHTRA you can experience an odd sensation as the device does become warm. It also vibrates occasionally to let you know it is still working. I didn’t find the warmth to be uncomfortable and even on the highest setting, I didn’t really notice it when used internally. I did, however, find external treatment to be harder to maintain as you must keep moving the device and the electrodes did become warm to touch. It was a lot easier to use internally where you can browse on your phone or watch tv without really realizing that you were using the device. That being said I will still continue with external treatment as I believe the results will far outweigh the effort and I will get used to it eventually.

It is recommended that you use SILK’N TIGHTRA for 20 minutes twice a week for four weeks before you will see significant results. After this, you can drop down to fewer sessions. You can do this on one or both treatment areas.

Who should buy SILK’N TIGHTRA?

SILK’N TIGHTRA is suitable for women who want to cosmetically change the appearance of their intimate area as well as those who are suffering from vaginal inconveniences (please read the exceptions for use in the user manual that can be downloaded on the Silk’n website).  This device aims to tighten the internal walls, restore tone, flexibility and shape, improve lubrication and enhance the appearance of the labia. If you think that you would benefit from these changes, then you need to look at SILK’N TIGHTRA. If you are interested in SILK’N TIGHTRA but worried about investing so much money, then take confidence from the fact that they are currently running a 6-week money-back guarantee!

The SILK’N TIGHTRA is available at

Check out my video explaining the SILK’N TIGHTRA below

You can also take a look at this video that explains the technology?