How do you sleep?

As a Tired Mummy of Two I am definitely in the two out of three people who struggle to get a good nights sleep, I would even go so far as to say I am in the 18% of people who never get a good night sleep. Whether from one of the girls waking me up or my own brain keeping me awake I struggle to fall asleep and hardly ever wake up feeling refreshed let alone having enough sleep (8hrs).

Did you know that marmite can aid in getting a good nights sleep? Or that 41% of people sleep in the foetus position?

I don’t really fit into any of the sleeping positions below even though I always sleep in the same position. I sleep on my side with one hand under my pillow and one leg pulled up, almost like the recovery position I suppose. What position do you sleep in? does the personality descriptions match?

Infographic provided by Ibis Hotels