How Date Nights can help you live a better life 

I don’t know about you but some time away from the kiddywinks sure does make me feel refreshed and I am not talking about that time between dropping them off at school and picking them up although that is also a nice break.

Going out without children in tow can almost feel as though you have lost something but by the end of the night you have definitely gained some of your old self back again.

Looking back over the past few months I can not remember the last time that my Husband and I went out by ourselves and I am really beginning to miss it. A trip to the cinema to see a grown up film or a lovely meal out where we don’t have to keep telling the girls to eat nicely would be a real treat at the moment but we always struggle with childcare.

A date night can consist of any activity that you both enjoy and just the act of doing something together without the stress of everyday life can breathe new life into a relationship. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes as we deal with the mundane in day to day life but to get out you have to give yourself a push and a date night could be just the push you need. 

Here is a list of the top five reasons a date night can help you live a better life

1) The chance to communicate 
Being able to have a normal conversation that doesn’t involve who is dropping the kids off or doing the washing up can really help you reconnect as a couple. Try and remember what you used to talk about, things you found interesting about each other before everyday life got in the way. Although you can talk about the kids or your jobs try to discuss other topics too.

2) Date nights can be a huge stress reliever
As I work from home I never really switch off and getting out of the house without the children is a great stress reliever. Being able to enjoy yourself watching a film or eating a nice meal can really make you feel reenergised.

3) Loosen up and have a laugh
I don’t know about you but after a really good laugh I feel up for anything. A date night doesn’t have to be boring and heading to a comedy club can really get you bonding as you remember punch lines to jokes in the days that follow. Laughter releases all sorts of hormones that will make you feel fantastic.

4) Schedule your date nights and love the commitment
Putting time aside for your date nights in advance and knowing that you will have that special time together will add to the excitement and make you feel wanted and appreciated. A date night is also the perfect excuse for teasing your partner, send them a naughty text or leave a note about how excited you are.

5) Make an effort
Going on a date night can be really special if you put in the extra effort, why not dress up, put some make up on and really make yourself feel good. By doing this you will radiate confidence and by making the effort you will make your partner feel loved. Try to make the effort to be affectionate too and see if you can rekindle the romance. 

There you have it, I know that I will be scheduling some date nights into our schedule and I hope you will too. However rather than take my word for it I thought you might like to hear from some bloggers who already make Date Night part of their life.

We do so much with the girls activities (gymnastics and swimming) that it’s nice to be able to go out for dinner, to talk, without interruption and be just “us” for a few hours. Made even nicer if Nanny has them over night as we get the bed to ourselves for the entire night – Donna from Little Lilypad

We don’t do them enough but when we do we love then and always feel e have reconnected. We had lunch together yesterday and we got past the you haven’t done the laundry for a week annoyance at each other and we had a really good laugh and chat. – Becky from

Once a month and we take it in turns to organise the babysitter and where we go – might be booking cinema tickets, the theatre, a table reservation etc. It’s important to spend time together away from domestic trivia and it encourages us to talk about things like we used to in the old days and flirt with each other a bit! – Missie Lizzie

When we lived in California when the girls were small (I had three under 3!) we used to have a regular babysitter that came every Friday night. Sometimes we would go out for dinner, sometimes we make a picnic and sometimes we would just go for a long walk. I think especially in those early days it was well worth the extra expense. – Susanna

We have no childcare so settle for a takeaway and a film twice a month Sarah

We don’t call it date night, because I think that term is icky! But, Wednesday and Saturday are nights when we agree to spend time together, either at home or out the house when we can get a sitter. If one of us can’t make it we try and move it to another night. Having a set night works really well as we don’t have to think about it, or feel guilty if we need to work on other nights, and we can both plan our weeks around it. – Penny

I think that once you have children it is very easy to lose sight of the two of you as a couple and to just do everything with the kids, so date night is really important so that you can talk at a deeper level and stay connected. We either go out (cinema, resaturant, beach front walk mostly) or have time shut away from the kids having a meal (it gets harder to stay in for a date night once the kids get older) about twice a month and we both love it. It always leads to lots of laughing and fun and we both feel closer because of the time we spend alone. – Michelle