How Can You Make Your Own Canvas Prints?

Do you have some photos on your phone gallery you would like to print? You can make your own canvas prints mounted on the living room walls and give your living space a new look. 

The best quality canvas prints allow you to print your most memorable photos onto textured canvas using the home printer. Get a photo from the inkjet printer and spread it on a wooden frame for a gallery-wrapped style. 

When you have your photo printed on canvas paper, it stays for longer and doesn’t fade easily as it does on regular paper.

If you think it’s too much work, you can also buy personalised canvas prints in the UK from the UK’s most popular personalised canvas prints shop.

In this simple guide, we take you through the process of making DIY canvas prints to decorate your home interior.

What you need to make a personalised canvas print

You will need these materials on your table to make a DIY canvas art print for your home.

  • Printable canvas paper
  • Mini blank art canvas – you can get this from your local art and craft store
  • Photo editing software like Microsoft PowerPoint 
  • Inkjet printer 
  • Pliers
  • Scissors 
  • Heavy-duty staples 
  • Staple gun
  • Varnish spray  

Steps to making DIY Art canvas print 

You can follow these steps to make your canvas print.

Step #1 – Edit your picture 

Open Powerpoint and insert your picture or artwork for editing. Make sure you centre the photo on the slide. You can also use a photo editing software you are most conversant with when making a personalised canvas print.

Step #2: Pick a shape 

The next step is to choose a rectangular shape for the picture and canvas on the Powerpoint toolbar. Draw a rectangle that is 2-3 inches larger than your photo. 

Step #3 – Test print 

Do a test print using the inkjet printer. You can use standard or regular paper to find the colour and size you should use when printing the photo.

Step #4 – Adjust settings on your printer 

Change the setting on your printer to optimise the canvas printing. Choose print quality as “Best” and paper type as “Matte Photo Paper.”

Step #5 – Spray UV protective varnish 

Once you’ve printed the photo, you can now proceed to spray the UV varnish on the photo. The UV spray will seal the ink and protect against direct sunlight and moisture.

Mounting the canvas print 

Step #6 – Pull off the staples 

In this step, you should pull off the staple pins that came with the blank canvas. You will get a tighter wrap when mounting the canvas print.

Step #7 – Mount the canvas 

  • Lay the printed canvas facing down 
  • Centre the wood frame on the canvas print 
  • Fold the canvas around the wood frame beginning with one of the longer edges. 
  • Staple it towards the middle of the frame.
  • Fold the opposite edge around the other side, then staple it. 

Step #8 – Make the corners 

At this stage, you should remove any excess materials at the edges of the canvas frame. Trim off any excess materials at each corner to make it easy to wrap.

Hold the loose canvas corner and push it inwards towards the centre of the frame to wrap it. This way, you make a small fold right from the centre to the corner of the wood frame.

Step #9 – Wrap it up

The last step is folding the loose canvas flap onto the frame so that the folded edge is parallel with the corner. Use a staple to secure the flaps. To wrap the remaining three corners, you can repeat steps 6 and 7.

Final Thoughts 

To make a personalised canvas print, ensure you have all the materials listed here. Follow these steps carefully, and your canvas print will be ready to mount on your living room walls.