Autumn is here, my Hotter Boots addiction

Autumn is here, my Hotter Boots addiction

November 9, 2017 Off By Laura TMOT

If you have actually met me in person at any point in the last few years you more than likely saw me in a pair of Hotter Shoes. I wore my first pair of Hotter boots just over four years ago when I went to our local Hotter store and had them fitted. I now own five different pairs of Hotter boots.

My favourite and most comfortable boots have to be the Mystery boots. These were the first style that I wore and as well as the colours below I also have a pair in black leather. I used to have a pair in purple as well but sadly one of them went in the washing machine. I wear my mystery boots everywhere, whether I am on a day out with the kids or walking around a convention centre for a few days.

As the weather is getting a bit colder I am also starting to wear my Orla boots which I bought last winter as they are ideal for wearing when it is raining and they go really well with jeans.


If you haven’t worn a pair of Hotter Boots or shoes before you have no idea what you are missing. The comfort concept is amazing and I can be on my feet all day without my feet hurting.

Over the last few years of wearing Hotter Boots I have told so many people about how amazing they are and I have managed to completely converted my mum who now has Hotter sandals, shoes and she recently added a pair of Mystery Boots to her collection.

I love Hotter shoes and I am not afraid to tell everyone about it, in fact the only thing I struggle with is choosing what pair to buy next. I am considering getting a pair of Jewel shoes which look professional enough that they would go with a suit when I go to meetings and yet comfortable enough that my feet won’t hate me for not wearing my boots. What do you think?