How to Host a Children’s Party at Home

There are many different reasons you might choose to host a children’s party at home. It’s a lot easier than having to travel to a venue and it can be far cheaper too. Having a party at home means it’s private and a good choice for children that don’t do well in loud unfamiliar environments. Planning any kind of party can be a total minefield so I’ve put together a few tips to help get you started.

Find a Space

Think about where you want to have the party based. It’s a good idea to consider the location to places like the bathroom and kitchen to prevent having your guests traipse through your entire house. It’s also important to note if there are any areas you don’t want your party goers to wander. Ideally, the space you choose needs to be big enough to hold your guests comfortably and any furniture, entertainment or equipment you may need.

If the idea of having a house full of children terrifies you why not consider using your garden or outside area? This eliminates the need for people to be in the house constantly and can prevent accidents with spilt food and drink. Take a look at all these pop up garden gazebos to prevent being at the mercy of Mother Nature! It means you will have a place to go if it decides to rain or you need some shade on a sunny day.


When you are hosting a children’s party at home it’s a good idea to specify both a start and end time. This prevents people from hanging around long after you wanted the party to be over. Make sure that you include your full address and if your house is difficult to find include some basic directions and a contact number for anyone struggling to locate you. It’s a good idea to tie some balloons or attach a banner to the front of your house so you are easy to spot.

Don’t feel pressured to invite everybody. Be mindful of the space you have and the number of people you can comfortably host. It’s easy to put yourself out but the more guests you have means more work for you.

Food & Catering

When hosting a children’s party at home keep the food and drink simple. Don’t make additional work or stress for yourself by feeling the need to go extravagant. Make foods you know kids will like and plenty of it. Things like sandwiches, sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple can be a bulk part of your menu and include some healthy finger snacks like cucumber and carrot sticks.

For drinks, it’s best to avoid any fizzy, high sugar or high caffeine drinks but it’s important to keep everyone hydrated so have a good supply of water or sugar-free juices available. Plastic cups and paper plates mean that you will avoid breakages and prevent any safety concerns and means less washing up at the end.


You can hire different entertainers that will come to your home such as face painters, magicians, clowns and even character mascots. If you don’t want an entertainer you could consider hiring a bouncy castle or other soft play style equipment. These things all come with a price tag though and if your budget won’t stretch that far don’t despair! Children can be easily entertained by simple things such as party games. Musical statues/chairs, pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey are a few simple and easy options.

Party Bags

Party bags are a great way to signify the end of a party but as with the food don’t make too much work or expense for yourself. If you want to go down the party bag route you could consider buying some cheap age-appropriate books and giving one of those out along with a slice of birthday cake to take home.

The most important thing to remember when hosting a children’s party from home is to keep things as simple for yourself as possible. Don’t feel pressured to ‘go big’ or make additional work for yourself in the long run.

Would you host a children’s party at home?