Homemade hangover cures that work

Bottles of sports drinks often tout the healing powers of electrolytes but contain a lot of unhealthy items for those who drink them to cure a hangover. Salt, Sugar and water are the active ingredients that help to quell the worst of the symptoms – so why pay money for something that is essentially lightly salted sugar water?

Most medical journals agree that the worst of hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration; drinking lots of fluids such as water and natural fruit juices will help with the worst of headaches. Drinking something acidic, like coffee may help with alertness, but it may irritate a tender stomach. Given the challenges of rehydration after excessive alcohol consumption, many people are now turning to treatments like the IV bag for hangovers. This method rapidly replenishes lost fluids and essential nutrients, offering faster relief from hangover symptoms than traditional remedies alone.

A Quick And Easy Anti-Dehydration Hangover Cure

The BPA in the store-bought bottles won’t do much to help your system in the long run, either: The health effects of plastic bottles are now coming to light, and it isn’t pretty. People who buy sports drinks to ease nausea and headache of the morning-after are paying for more than just the cost of the bottle. When the main ingredients can be found in even the barest of kitchens, it just makes sense to save money.

Take a tall glass of water, and fill it with 250ml (1 cup) of cool water or orange juice
Add a tablespoon of sugar
Add a tablespoon of salt
Stir until both are dissolved

Add a teaspoon of baking soda – this will carbonate the drink and make it fizzy; some find that it eases stomach trouble, and others find it makes them queasy, so use your judgement here; if drinks like “Eno” or “Alka Seltzer” upset your stomach, leave off the baking soda.

Drink it with an over-the-counter pain killer such as Ibuprophen or Aspirin. Keep in mind that Aspirin can be a stomach irritant, and Ibuprophen can put a strain on an already stressed liver. However, the short term pain relief may outweigh such considerations.

Drinks to Help Cure Hangovers

Yoghurt smoothies, or even some drinks that contain acidophilus, can help replenish the lost “good” bacteria in your stomach. Drinking something that is infused with honey can also help, as well as provide a natural sweetener for drinks. Herbal teas, like mint, ginger and ginseng can provide some relief to upset stomachs. Such remedies are meant for people who have stopped drinking; they will not make the drinker less drunk, but they should provide a little aid for those with headaches.