Have You Considered Adoption? A Basic Guide

Have you ever considered adopting? Maybe you’re having difficulty getting or staying pregnant, or maybe you’ve got close to a little one that needs someone to love them? If it’s an option that you’d like to pursue, you better go looking through family lawyers as soon as possible to start the process. But is that all there is to it? Do you hand over the task to your lawyer and wash your hands of it? Life is rarely that simple. We’re breaking down everything you will need to convince the law that you can be a good parent to an adopted child.

Evidence of health

It’s important that you’re likely to be around for the rest of your potential child’s life, and in fit enough condition to handle a child, so adoption agencies are going to want to look at your health. This is an important part of the process which means you will have to prove sound health. If you have any chronic diseases or conditions you will need to disclose a note from a doctor which says that you are capable of raising a child and for the foreseeable future. In some US states the laws can be quite limiting. For example, the adoption agency might want proof that you can live to the 16 years expected to raise a child.

Evidence of a criminal history

This should be simple enough if you’ve never got so much as a parking ticket, but that’s not the most likely scenario. Even then, you’ll need federal clearance. A lot of more serious offenses, particularly as it pertains to children, like abuse, neglect, etc. will bar you from being able to adopt a child.

If you have been arrested in the past, you will need to explain that in a letter. But if you have nothing to report, you’re good to go ahead with your adoption.

Evidence of a good environment

Further down the adoption process, you’ll have to show off your home to your case worker. They will assess whether your home is prepared for a child. It might seem like putting the cart before the horse, but it means getting the child’s room ready and showing that your home is safe for a child.

You will also have to offer up details of your marital history and sometimes details of other members of your family. You can help this out with letters of support from your family and friends.

Evidence of good finances

And of course, the reason so many people are putting off having kids today: money. You will have to prove to the adoption agency that you can afford a child in your life. You have no debts that will get in the way of adopting, you will be able to keep paying for your home over their head, and you have enough leftover income to take care of the child. There might even be a financial analysis involved, wherein the adoption agency will determine

And now we wait…

It’s important to mention that the adoption process can take years. Getting together everything, you need to complete the legal documents is just one half of the battle. The other half is waiting to be approved, and then slowly building a relationship with the child and accumulating them to you and their new environment.

It’s an unfortunate truth and it’s worth knowing going into the process.